The current Mumbo Jumbo Patreon Server Teamspeak is unofficial, hosted by one of the game moderators on their own private Teamspeak server.

It has proved to be invaluable in co-ordinating many of the larger builds on the server, including the Slime Farm, Iron Farm, Ocean Monument Guardian Farm and more.

What is TeamspeakEdit

Teamspeak is a voice conferencing software, which allows many people to be in a single conversation. You are able to hear each person speaking, and every other person is able to hear you. You can also mute your microphone or speakers at any time. You will obviously require a microphone and speakers connected to your computer, although a text-based chat option is available for those users who don't have these.

How to ConnectEdit

Firstly, you will need to download the Teamspeak 3 software, and install it onto your computer. You will then be able to create a new 'bookmark', using the settings below:

Label: Mumbo Jumbo Teamspeak
Nickname: <your in-game username>
Server Password: Leave blank

You can then simply connect to the Teamspeak server. Once connected, you will see several 'rooms', some empty, and some with people. Just double-click a room to join it, and begin speaking.