Server RulesEdit

RULE 1: No stealing. Do not take from any chest on the server without explicit permission from the owner of the items

RULE 2: No griefing. Do not maliciously destroy other people’s builds. Whether it is using fire, TNT or just taking it down by hand, this simply will not be tolerated and will in many cases be met with an instant ban.

RULE 3: No swearing. This is a family friendly server so please be aware of what you say. Any racism/homophobia/sexism etc. will in most cases be met with an instant ban.

Extra InformationEdit


Pranking is allowed on the server, if both the pranker and the victim are on the opt-in list. More information is on the Pranking page.

Spawn Chunks Edit

No wooden doors should be placed around the Spawn Chunks area, or near any type of farm relying on village mechanics. The Iron Farm in this area uses wooden doors to create 'villages'.

Nether Portals Edit

The server uses Nether Portals near y=120 (near upper bedrock) in the Nether. Portals should be kept on this level wherever possible when building anywhere near the spawn town or major locations (1024 blocks in overworld, 128 blocks in Nether).


Generally speaking the moderators will operate on a ‘3 and out’ policy, which essentially means you get 2 warnings then you are banned. However this policy can be adjusted depending on severity. For example if you take 3 stacks of diamonds and 500 iron from another players chest expect to be banned instantly as that is not tolerated. There are multiple logging plugins running on the server so you will get found out!


When a breach of the server rules has resulted in a ban, it is permanent. There is no official appeal process. You have proved that you are not trustworthy, and will not be allowed a second chance.