What is Pranking?Edit

Pranking is the act of playing a practical joke on another player, in a non-malicious way, as a bit of fun.  Pranks should not damage or destroy anything belonging to the player being pranked, otherwise it become Griefing.  A prank should always be easily reversible, though sometimes may be quite time-consuming to undo.

Examples of pranks include:

  • Filling a players' base/house with non-aggressive mobs.
  • Covering a base/house in redstone/carpet
  • Enclosing a building, portal or part of a base in an easily-removable block (for example, melons or wool)
  • Placing a pixel-art image near someone's base/house.

Is Pranking Allowed?Edit

Pranking is allowed on the Mumbo Jumbo Patreon Server, so long as both your name, and the name of the player being pranked is on the list of players who don't mind a good prank.

Can I opt-out of being pranked?Edit

Yes.  In fact, by default, you are already opted out.  If you do not mind being pranked, you can add your name to the list of players who have opted in to pranking.  Note that if you wish to prank another player, you must be willed to get pranked in return.  If your name is not on the list of players who have opted in, then you cannot prank anyone else.