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The middle of Market Plaza


 Location   Spawn Town   X   -1980   Z   -2175 

Market Plaza is Spawn Town's commercial district, with various shops and businesses all in one handy location.

Market Plaza was created by SkyZombie, and built with the help of ponibutts. It is comprised of several streets, of which two are named: Poni Lane is the main street, which runs east-west, and SkyZombie Street is the street which runs north-south.

Business ListEdit

Map Market Plaza

Map showing plot numbers

The following plot numbers refer to the map on the right. The plot numbers are not addresses, but used only on this wiki as a reference.
Plot Business Owner Details
1 Unknown haz246 -
2 Unknown Familycraft_Mom Construction not started
3 Unknown Skarn -
4 Iron Farm Shop Unknown Not Yet Open. Will sell Iron and Poppies.
5 Unknown MicksterKJ Construction not started
6 AlmightyL1z4RD's Magic Shop AlmightyL1z4RD Not Yet Open. Will sell Potions and Enchanted Books
7 Unknown Unknown Construction not started
8 Jamdoggy's Obsidian Shop Jamdoggy Not Yet Open. Selling Obsidian.
9 Diorite Shop Unknown Construction not started
10 Unclaimed plot - -
11 Unknown CKillson Construction not started
12 CKillson's Chronicler CKillson Server's weekly newspaper offices
13 Familycraft Landscaping Familycraft_Dad Landscaping services for your own plot
14 The Cactus ponibutts Sells Cactus and green dye, made on-site.
15 Market Plaza Nether Portal - Shortcut to and from the Nether
16 Pranking Consultancy Flamingbumhole Prank ideas, and official place to opt-in or opt-out of the pranking register.
17 Stone Shop Unknown For all your stone, granite, diorite and andesite needs.
18 Bert the Butcher Unknnown Selling all kinds of meat. Cooked and raw.
19 Erden's Exchange Erden Unknown
20 SkyZombie's Shop SkyZombie Unknown
21 The Chicken Unknown Free cooked chicken, but limited to 1 stack at a time.
22 Potions Shop Unknown Quick Heal, Speed and Strength potions when you need them.
23 Redstoners Inc. Unknown Not Yet Open. Redstone consultancy.
24 NeoMitchel's Snow Shop NeoMitchel Construction not started
25 Future Shop Lokarionn Construction not started
26 Halman's Shop Halman Shop for all kinds of items, including potions, nametags, saddles, etc...
27 lw's Minecart Rail Shop lw028 Minecarts and rails
28 Redstone Shop & Consultancy eppinghovener For all your redstone needs
29 Tagslack's Coin-Operated Smoth Stone Generator Tagslack Need smooth stone, or cobblestone, then this is the place for you.
30 Church of Mumbo Not a shop, but a church. Unfinished