Below are a series of links that relate to the Mumbo Jumbo Patreon Server:

Reddit link

Mumbo Jumbo Fan Server Reddit

Mumbo Jumbo Fan Server Reddit is a forum for the latest news and information about the server.

Patreon Server Teamspeak (unofficial)

Unofficial Patreon Teamspeak Server allows many players to speak together, and co-ordinate larger projects easily.
YouTube Link

Mumbo Jumbo's main YouTube Channel

Mumbo Jumbo's main YouTube Channel is where the vast majority of Mumbo Jumbo's videos can be viewed.
Patreon link

Mumbo Jumbo's Patreon Page

Mumbo Jumbo's Patreon Page is where regular monthly donations can be pledged to Mumbo Jumbo. If you donate $10 or more per month, you will get whitelisted on the server.
Twitch link

Mumbo Jumbo's Twitch Stream

Mumbo Jumbo's Twitch Stream is where viewers can watch Mumbo Jumbo's live video streams on a Monday and Friday.