Img Iron Farm Collection

The Iron Farm's Collection Building (under construction)


 Location   Spawn   X   180   Z   297 

The Iron Farm is a truly enormous structure that surrounds the Spawn area. It was designed by vSIGNUMv, and was constructed over several days by many builders.

Design RestrictionsEdit

Due to the server being Spigot-based, an 'Iron Titan' style iron farm simply won't work. This is because the Iron Titan relies on the creation of many villages, which are then moved in such a way that they overlap each other at the same location. Spigot will amalgamate those villages into one, dramatically reducing the number of Iron Golems that spawn.


The Iron Farm consists of 16 separate villages, in a 2x2 square of 4 tiers, each of which contains 12 villagers and 48 doors. Each village needs to be 194 blocks from it's neighbours, and is separated vertically by 73 blocks from the nearest one above or below it. This means that 3 tiers are above ground with one below, and the farm reaches to the sky limit.

The centre of each village has a 2x2 hole, through which any Iron Golems are dropped to below the lowest tier. As Iron Golems don't take fall-damage, a lava blade is used to kill the golem, and the iron and poppies that are dropped are then transported by water streams to an item elevator below the collection building, where they are seperated, and placed into chests.

Build TeamEdit

  • vSIGNUMv - Farm Designer and Build Manager
  • Mithrindil - Farm Collection Building Designer/Builder
  • DaBomb
  • dlmarti
  • DoctorDerpy
  • Flamingbumhole
  • Hermit_Mythelas
  • Jamdoggy
  • ponibutts